The human race is feeble and weak. People throughout history have struggled and fought with the idea of confrontation. The mere thought of standing up for what one believes can cause a person to recoil back into the dark shell of a life they live in, hiding from their innermost thoughts and notions. Antigone, for one, refused to behave in this manner and allow it to rule over her existence. Upon the decree of King Creon, that her brother, Polynices, was not to be buried, she went against the law in order to do what she felt right; find his body and give him a proper burial. As I recall, this story is very similar to a time where a friend had stood up for a boy who was always teased.

This boy was incredibly smart, always attempting to “show up” teachers and prove just how much he knew. He spent a great quantity of his spare time doing extra homework, programming computers, and very little with friends and going out. Growing up in a strict family environment, from an entirely different culture, he spoke very proper and could come off, at times, pretentious. Yet I personally found all these things interesting and amusing, and discovered he possessed a unique personality. Unfortunately, as great as this person was, the human race is cruel. Immature schoolmates teased and discussed in secret how obnoxious and pompous his demeanor was. How they loathed his presence and wished him away. Yet one time, while in chemisty, I heard a conversation break out about this very boy. I heard fellow class members “bashing” on this poor person. The way they talked about him was repulsive and undeserved. Then, a friend of mine, sitting in the row of desks next to me, was asked what he thought about this boy.  “He helps me with my homework sometimes”. The response he received was “Oh your THAT desperate?,” but then my friend said something that surprised me. He thought for a minute, considered what he was going to say carefully and then spoke with complete and utter confidence, “No, he’s a good friend of mine. He helps me because he knows I struggle. I’m not desperate, he’s just a good friend.” The expressions on the cluster of students exposed an almost shock and disgust. After my friend’s bold statement, the conversation had ended, and had been left alone.

Bearing witness to such a rare event, where one person would actually stand up for another, was eye opening. It made me wonder how many situations I had just said what others wanted to hear and ignored my actually beliefs. While reading Antigone, I thought back to this situation and found the very same concept exercised in both circumstances. Whether it be standing up for religion or a good friend, order to improve society as a whole, showing confidence in what one actually believes is the way every person should live.


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